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Live in House

Our Reptiles:

  • Bearded Dragons
  • Geckos
  • Snakes

Take home an affordable and quiet pet that will soon become your best friend


The widest variety in the area of:

  • Live Feeders
  • Highest Quality and Nutrition
  • Packaged Food

No matter the species, we will provide the high quality food your reptile needs



Reptile Tanks

Our Tanks:

  • Extra Small to Extra Large Terrariums
  • Full Terrarium Kits
  • Enclosures, Habitats, and Mobile Carriers

High quality and affordable homes for your pet reptiles

Reptile Needs

Lamps and Heath Products:

  • Basking Bulbs
  • UVB Lighting
  • Daylight Bulbs
  • Under Tank Heaters

Everything you need to know and buy when it comes to keeping your reptile healthy and happy