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Bringing the "Family" Back to the Family Pet Shop


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Founded in order to provide the care and love for Central PA's pets and owners. Through ourselves and our children, we find the best service is when we see your pet as your best friend and not a dollar sign.

Located right in your back yard, we witnessed a lack of options for the care and well-being of your pets. We strive to fix that problem with knowledge and love.

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Our Family


“The centerpiece of our life and our love has always been our pets; now that love spreads to your pets. Two generations of care, knowledge, and ability create the family atmosphere you want when getting the best for your pet.”


In memory of our son and brother

Jared Russell Gouge

“"He was a shining star that loved all animals. He once declared "Worms have the right to live" and missed the bus so that he could rescue them. He is much loved and missed."”